Vampire Survivors "Laborratory" update out now (version 1.10), patch notes and trailer (2024)

Posted on April 29, 2024 by Brian(@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop, Videos

Vampire Survivors just received a surprise version 1.10 update dubbed “Laborratory”.

The update adds a new wave of content, including a new character, new bonus and challenge stage, and more. That’s on top of the latest tweaks and fixes.

Here’s the full rundown:

Vampire Survivors Laborratory update patch notes

New Content

– 7 new EXTRA achievements
– 1 new challenge stage
– 1 new bonus stage
– 1 new character
– 1 new weapon with its evolution
– 1 new passive weapon
– 1 new power-up, Seal III

Tweaks and Fixes

– You can now PET the dog by pressing both triggers on a controller.
– When playing co-op, added the option to Share Passive among players for evolution purposes.
– Stage Selection is now split into two steps for ease of navigation if you’re playing with a controller
– Updated pre-spawned arcana treasures so they get pulled in by VIII – Mad Groove.
– Improved loader to provide more information about the current DLC loading progress.
– Added missing retaliation damage to Pako Battiliar and its evo.

– Fix for tips not showing in the Treasure Chest info panel of evolutions.
– Fix for Bestiary mobile portrait info masking issue.
– Pickups group in recap page now generates a new row when exceeding max width.
– Fix for the game over red background overlay to use correct sizing after White Hand.
– Fix for Sole Solution causing tile map issues during the fight with The Ender.
– Fixed audio playback error in fight with The Ender.
– Fix for “new content available in store” button showing up incorrectly.
– Fixed character reveal so the characters are the correct scale.
– Hyper mode toggle is now correctly shown.
– Fix for text overlap/sizing in treasure chest info panel.
– Updated pause menu map to match old-engine implementation.
– Fixes for various weapons to hide them correctly when dying in co-op.
– Fix for errors with random arcana selection being triggerable before the animation is complete.
– Fixes for various stage collisions when playing in inverse mode.
– Updated the player stats panel (pause menu) to handle displaying the Recovery value to 2 decimal places, so small increments are shown.
– Fix for DLC ordering so that DLCs will now be loaded in a consistent order.
– Fixed cosmic egg in bestiary.
– Updated the Item Found page to check whether the item you are picking up allows duplicates, and if so displays the base level data.
– Fixed an issue where if you manually changed the window size the current resolution would not display correctly inside the options page.
– Fix for camera zoom issues when playing on displays less than the target 16:10 aspect ratio (both portrait and landscape).
– Fixed selection arrows sometimes showing on mobile when they should not.
– Fix to make drop downs hide when clicking anywhere outside of them.
– Fixed an issue with allowing player 1 to reassign controllers when toggling in options.
– Fix for Gatti chicken eating power and chance upgrades being reset on level up.
– Fix for drowner’s spawned via trisection events after 30 minutes being invulnerable.
– Fix for disable moving background not being applied on stage start (only when toggled).
– Fixed formatting / centering issues with secrets page on mobile.
– Added a loader between menu and gameplay to show that the game is loading a stage.
– Fix for Moongolow secret check in co-op.
– Added scrolling to character selection progress panel.
– Fix for hyper (and inverse) mode creeping to stages without hyper (or inverse) unlocked.
– Added in missing scene fade transition between Moongolow and Holy Forbidden.
– Fixed hellfire rotation on world bounce.
– Various portrait UI scaling fixes.
– Fix for error with coin spawn in Poe’s Adventure Chapter 3.
– Improved back button navigation on bestiary to be more accurate to JS.
– Fix for cut off character found animation on mobile portrait.

– Evolving Four Seasons now only requires a maxed out Candelabrador

– Evolving the Flash Arrow now only requires a maxed out Bracer
– Fixed a sprite error in Foscari Abyss’ background.
– Fixed animation timing of World Eater.
– Fix for World Eater offsets.

– Fix Impostongue firing assassination when disabled.
– Updated the body part pickups that Shapeshifter spawns to allow them to be attracted by the magnet.
– Updated the font used for the Vent2Weapon when enemies are ejected.
– Fix for reactor engine sprite not filling in the black bars in portrait leaving visible gaps for the flames.

We have a trailer for the Vampire Survivors “Laborratory” version 1.10 update below.

Laborratory Update Trailer



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Vampire Survivors "Laborratory" update out now (version 1.10), patch notes and trailer (2024)
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