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  • Method 1: Temporarily disable System Integrity Protection (SIP)
  • Method 2: Toggle the switches
  • final thoughts

Dolphin is an emulator suitable specifically for the Nintendo GameCube and Wii consoles. With the Dolphin emulator, you will be able to play these consoles with some improvements compatible with all PC controllers, multiplayer modes, turbo speed and much more. To enjoy the game titles, you need to install the latest version of this emulator. For good functionality, please use a secure website to download the latest version of Dolphin Emulator.

The Dolphin emulator works almost perfectly, but sometimes you may encounter some occasional bugs. Here we highlight how you can resolve the “Error opening adapter: Access is denied (insufficient permissions)” error.

For your emulator to work efficiently, here are some of the key requirements;

  • 64-bit operating system
  • 2GB RAM
  • 4-core processor (optimal)
  • Windows (works best), MacOS, Linux, or Android (may not be as smooth as the rest).
  • Newer, more powerful GPUs not older than six years or older and supporting DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.4

After installation, Dolphin recognizes that an adapter is plugged in. No need to configure manually.

For Dolphin functionality, the Gamecube controller is automatically configured with full support. The controller connection works with different adapters for Wii U. Mayflash and Nintendo adapters work. Bongos and wireless controllers are also supported.

Standard third-party adapters include a switch to choose between PC or Switch/WiiU modes. With an adapter that has this type of switch, you must set it to Wii U mode. Official Nintendo adapters do not have a switch.

Method 1: Temporarily disable System Integrity Protection (SIP)

This method will work efficiently when using MacOS. It works by manipulating the behavior of the IOKit with a cordless.kext to ignore the adapter and allow a lower level connection to be established: the one made by the Dolphin emulator.

  • Start by disabling your kextsigning (the SIP or Gatekeeper) and power on the Mac via Recovery Mode. Select your hard drive, specify the user and enter the password. Go to Utilities > Terminal.

    To temporarily disable the SIP type, csrutil disable

  • Now restart the Mac normally, log in and enter the following terminal texts. Your password must confirm the first line. Enter these provided texts one by one into the terminal so that the adapter is recognized.

    sudocp -r ~ / Downloads / SmashEnabler.kext /Library/Extensions/SmashEnabler.kext

    sudochown -R root: wheel /Library/Extensions/SmashEnabler.kext

    sudo touch /Library/Extensions

    sudo restart

  • Plug in the GameCube controller and start Dolphin now.
  • Re-enable SIP. Instead of selecting “Disable” now you have to choose “Activate” the terminal within Recovery Mode. This prevents occasional Mac malware issues. Keep in mind that even after you turn them back on, the drivers will continue to work.

    Method 2: Toggle the switches

    This method works for an adapter that can be switched to PC or Wii U mode.

    Connect the adapter with the drivers.

    1. Go to controller settings and choose Wii U GameCube Adapter. Click Configure. Now the error will be displayed. It will appear when the adapter switch is in Wii U mode. The controller can be recognized here, but the system cannot access it.

    2. Now activate the PC Mode Switch. successful Configure. The driver is also not recognized and the error message is not displayed.

    3. Turn the adapter’s Wii U Mode switch back on. Click Configure. At this time, the driver is recognized without displaying any errors.

    final thoughts

    A Wii U GameCube adapter cannot be recognized when using the Dolphin emulator. In case you encounter this error, you can try the above options. Always use the correct guide for the installation of Dolphin and its compatible drivers.

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    access denied error – SamaGamer (2024)
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